We provide a free personal version for everyone to try. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, please contact the customer representative

About HHDB

"HHDB" is a relational data product customized and developed to achieve the goal of independent and controllable database based on market demand.

HHDB has the following features:
1. Extremely high migration speed of Oracle stock, providing customers with the shortest time window to realize the migration of stock data;
2. Automatic conversion and migration of transparent data objects to ensure that special Oracle objects such as various partitions and stored procedures can be automatically converted into hhdb data objects during the migration process;
3. Ensure that under the 50t relational data stock, each performance index is equivalent to Oracle, and the performance fluctuation does not exceed 20%;
4. Complete and practical database management and control function, which is easier to manage and use than oracle

HHDB database obtains the optimal database migration plan by detecting network bandwidth, storage IO performance and CPU resources. It can carry out one click database task and complete the automatic migration from Oracle database to hhdb. After testing, the migration speed of heterogeneous databases from Oracle to hhdb is close to that of Oracle to Oracle using data pump (only supports Oracle to Oracle isomorphic migration, which is the fastest migration tool for Oracle isomorphism at present).

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We offer a free personal version for everyone to try

If you want to use it for commercial purposes, please contact the customer representative (Mr. Zhang: 18017686919)
Determine whether the operating environment meets the operating requirements (if JRE is not installed in the system or the JRE version is too low, JRE version 1.8 or above needs to be installed)

Windows system version installation process:

1.Extract the obtained installation package, read the readme.txt document first, and pay attention to the installation precautions;
2.Double click install.exe to install, and enter the user name, password and installation path according to the prompt.

Linux system version installation process:

1.For the graphical installation interface, refer to the windows installation process and read readme.txt. The startup program is install.sh
2.Command line installation:

 [hh@localhost Desktop]$ cd e10.4_64b (Enter the extracted directory)
 [hh@localhost e10.4_64b]$ ls  (Query directory content)
 hhdb10.4-install.jar  install.sh  jdk  readme.txt  version.log
 [hh@localhost e10.4_64b]$ ./install.sh -console (Query directory content)

Then follow the prompts for installation. After installation, press [Enter] to exit.

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